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How EWX Uses Containers to Transform the Energy Industry

Storage Solutions
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Apr 26, 2023
How EWX Uses Containers to Transform the Energy Industry

At Falcon Structures, we often work with companies that make a significant impact on their industry and EWX Solar Solutions is a prime example. In fact, our project collaboration won the award for Most Innovative Use of a Portable Storage Unit from the National Portable Storage Association just last month. But the containers that EWX uses are much more than your ordinary storage units, they’re power modules that help transform the energy industry.

Who is EWX Solar Solutions?

The Houston, Texas-based company provides sustainable off-grid and grid supplement power systems to its customers. The company uses shipping containers to house state-of-the-art technology and create a portable, turnkey power module. The units are a perfect solution to provide power—and a lot of it—to isolated locations or areas with limited available space.

What is an EWX Power Module?

EWX Solar Solutions Power Module Interior Batteries

Each module is a modified shipping container with solar panels mounted to the roof by a canopy frame. The one-of-a-kind design can expand and collapse the solar panels to permit transportation by truck while also collecting an impressive amount of solar energy.

Inside the unit, generators and batteries round out the hybrid solar power system for off-grid power to support oil and gas companies, telecom companies, and more. A firewall splits the box, separating the generator from the batteries and visiting technician's workspace.

How Does It Work?

The solar canopy design allows for the safe and quick deployment of a significant amount of solar power without using an extensive amount of land. Once the solar panels expand, the box can power up in 30 minutes. These modules have the power to reduce generator run time and, in many cases, replace the grid altogether.

A Sustainable Approach

EWX Solar Solutions Interior Shipping ContainerEWX modules reduce reliance on generators, and although the hybrid solar power system isn’t completely clean power, it’s as close as a company that’s off the grid can get. These modules are known to run generators twenty-one fewer hours a day than alternative solutions, which greatly reduces carbon emissions.

Access to both the generator and the batteries provides a fault tolerance that’s reliable enough to have kept EWX modules operating during the Texas freeze in 2021, proving it to be a trustworthy power system.

How EWX Shapes the Energy Industry

The EWX modules make power easily accessible, reliable, and efficient no matter the location. Other solar farms that produce the same amount of power cost much more and are difficult to relocate.

Companies can save thousands of dollars on fuel with the use of EWX’s hybrid solar power system. The use of modified containers helps reduce transportation labor costs and maintenance costs. Thanks to the module-style and built-in portability provided by the containers, companies can avoid tearing down and reassembling to save time and money.

Shipping Containers – A Vital Part of the Solution

EWX Solar Solutions Power Module with Falcon Structures Shipping Container

Modified shipping containers are an essential component of the impact and effectiveness of EWX’s power modules because they provide benefits in mobility and compactness. Each unit is easy to transport and helps protect the equipment in a fully enclosed space.

No matter the weather, available land, or location of the power modules, they provide reliable power. Alternative power enclosure options often leave equipment at risk of damage from wildlife and leave technicians to work in the dark and in harsh weather. The use of shipping containers helps protect equipment and people to ensure the power stays running.

EWX finds that the primary advantages of shipping containers are structural mobility, security, and the opportunity to provide a comfortable workspace for technicians. Now, EWX can provide a reliable, impactful, and cost-efficient source of power.

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