Multiple Containers Create Larger Structures

Each multi-container floor plan combines more than one container into a single structure for a variety of use cases. Great for any kind of workspaces, storage space, or a combination of the two, easily assemble these container structures in a single day to help your team make the most of the new space.

2-Story Observation Workspace

Provide management and team leaders with an office that overlooks the grounds below in this 2-Story Observation Workspace. Utilize the lower level – two combined 20-foot shipping containers – as a breakroom, storage space, additional office space, or whatever your company needs.

20-Foot Double Container Structure

This configuration has helped countless Falcon customers in a variety of ways. Two combined 20-foot units create an open space to help any organization maximize workspace, storage, and more. The possibilities are endless with this structure.

40-Foot Double Container Structure

Extra length and the combined width of two 40-foot containers helps organizations make the most of often limited space. Together, the two units create a comfortable and open space that can be used in a variety of ways.

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