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20 Things We Love About Falcon: 20th Anniversary Edition

Love Falcon Structures

This year Falcon Structures celebrates its 20th anniversary as a company! These two decades have been filled with growth, innovation, teamwork, and lots and lots of shipping containers. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, our team is feeling the love in the air, and we wanted to talk about it.

I went around the office, walked back to the production yard, and asked my coworkers what they loved about Falcon, their jobs, their team, and their work. Personally, I love sitting down to write a blog just like this one each and every week. It helps me connect to you, our audience, and tell Falcon's story—all while providing education about the possibilities of shipping containers.

So, in honor of 20 years, here are 20 things we love about Falcon.

“What Do You Love About Falcon Structures?”

1. “I love the people here, that’s why I come to work every day. We have a group of individuals that push each other to succeed every day. When people get a task, they raise the bar every time and surpass it.”
- Heidi Carey, Human Resources Manager

2. “Falcon’s leadership is always motivated to adapt to challenges. It makes me feel appreciated as an employee. And I love that I get to work with great customers!”
- David Hill, Account Executive

3. “What I love about Falcon is hearing all the inventive ideas from our customers and being able to see their projects come to fruition.”
- Clayton Davis, Project Manager

4. “I love the comradery from all of our teams—welding, carpentry, electrical, plumbing—everyone comes together to make one—which is Falcon.”
- Mark Hernandez, Painter

5. “I really like my coworkers. Everyone is supportive and helpful. Whenever I need an answer, I’m able to find it. And I love what I do. I get to track our containers which is an important part of our work here.”
- Adele Taylor, Logistics and Container Manager

CEO addressing company in team meeting

6. “One of the main things I like is that we’re a green manufacturer. Meaning we recycle used things—containers—and make them into new products. And I love containers! We’re innovative with our modifications.”
- Michael Delgado, Senior Inside Sales Representative

7. “I love the great people I get to work with every day. They’re all focused on the mission and they’re open to suggestions and improvement. The best is yet to come.”
- Robert Fausett, Director of Operations

8. “I love the team that we built. We’ve had a lot of different people over the 20 years and I’m most excited about the future with our current team.”
- Brian Dieringer, Executive VP of Products and Co-Founder

9. “I love our culture; it’s been so great. And I love the integrity of our company. It’s great to work for a company that has that integrity!”
- Sierra McGrady, Business Development Representative

10. “I love that Falcon has provided me with an encouraging yet challenging environment to push myself professionally and personally. Falcon has allowed me to further my career and talents in ways I didn’t know were possible!”
- Taylor Wickizer, Marketing Coordinator

Shipping Container Quality Check

11. “I like the overall atmosphere here. It’s friendly and easy going and I had the pleasure of working here when Stephen and Brian first started Falcon. I left and then came back because I really liked it.”
- Chris Vivian, Quality Management Representative

12. “Obviously the people! And I love working in a container. I love the growth and learning and the agency to make decisions. It’s a very fail-forward place—we’re always improving!
- Amy Sandlin, Director of Sales

13. “I love Falcon for giving me the opportunity to grow a company that is able to build exactly what a customer needs.”
- John McAlonan, President and COO

14. “I’ve been here for years and it’s not just what I do but the people I work with. I think Falcon is a safe place to work and I think that what we build has a purpose.”
- Ricky Piovanetti, Lead Painter

15. “I love how Falcon’s products help our customers solve some of society’s most pressing challenges from renewable energy to affordable housing.”
- Freddy Marichal, Chief Financial Officer

Carpentry workers making a plan

16. “Everybody is really friendly and really nice. This is a good company to work for and everyone gets along really well.”
- Joel Mendoza, Quality Control Specialist

17. “I really love the family environment and the type of work we do here. We give employees a chance to move up and learn new things.”
- Anthony Moreno, Production Manager

18. “I love the people that I work with. They’re smart, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers.”
- Lisa Ivy, Controller

19. “I love furthering Falcon's mission to build a better world. It's exciting, challenging, and most of all rewarding to be on this journey with such an incredibly smart and talented team.”
- Krista Short, Director of Marketing

20. “I love these people and working with these people. We’re like a band of pirates. We’re out there on the open seas together.”
- Stephen Shang, CEO and Co-Founder

Bonus: What Do Our Customers Love About Falcon?

21. "I had a great experience working with the Falcon team. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Professional, thoughtful, and always willing to assist throughout our process."

- Champion X

22. “Working with Falcon was easy! From finding the perfect container for this site to fabricating modifications, Falcon was a pleasure to work with.”

- Rocket Electrics

Thank you for joining us on our journey over these past 20 years—what a ride it’s been! And if you’re new to Falcon, we hope you will tag along. Here’s to 20 more years of modified shipping containers.

Falcon Structures is a shipping container modification manufacturing company working to build a better world by pioneering the use of container-based structures. Falcon modifies boxes to become storage unitsworkspacesbathrooms & locker roomsliving spacesindustrial enclosures, and multi-containers.

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