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20 Diverse Projects Over 20 Years

four container projects from Falcon Structures over 20 years

Falcon Structures celebrates twenty years in business this year! Since the beginning, we’ve remained rooted in our purpose to create safe spaces, protecting the things that matter most to our customers. Although Brian and Stephen might not have had the words for it twenty years ago, they understood why creating container-based structures was meaningful. Every day, Falcon gets to create structures that shelter employees, precious equipment, and more.

Over the past two decades, we’ve worked on a lot of projects—and we’ve learned a lot of lessons! Here are twenty projects that’ve stuck with us:

1. Protective Container Wall

Back when we were a container rental business, we got a call asking us to bring eight containers to an Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. We ended up combining them to create a barrier style wall as the state prepared for Hurricane Rita. We can’t be certain, but we like to think we were helping keep visiting President George W. Bush protected from the impending storm!

2. Creating a Film Set

Machete, the movie starring Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, and Robert De Niro, was filmed in Austin, Texas in 2009. They called us to rent some shipping containers to complete their set. We actually had to paint the containers to make them look rusty for the film!

3. Evasion and Conduct After Capture (ECAC) Facility

Our first time creating a large clear-span—when a container has large open area that requires additional support—was for an ECAC facility for US Air Force training in 2010. The boxes simulated a railroad car with its door open and we learned a lot about the best way to reinforce a container structure.


4. WesTech Portable Water Treatment

When WesTech worked with a client that needed to clean up hundreds of sensitive coal ash ponds with hazardous byproducts, they turned to modified container enclosures. We created the structures that housed the equipment used in the clean up process and we learned a lot about designing clear specs for a complex solution.


5. Pirate Protection Container

We once created living quarters to house military operators protecting a cargo ship against pirates! The trained professionals needed to be able to quickly respond to threats, so the containers were placed on deck and needed to withstand the climate at sea. What better solution than a modified cargo container?

6. Mobile Man Camps for Kinder Morgan

Three different Kinder Morgan oilfields needed office spaces. We worked to create comfortable offices with restrooms to accommodate personnel and in the process, we learned a lot about choosing the right materials for a project. We tried to save our customer money by working with a cheaper alternative to coin vinyl flooring and learned that the cheaper option isn’t always the best option and it’s important for us to create the best space possible.

RTU Shipping Container Strucutre

7. 317 Units for Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer needed durable, portable, and protective solutions for unmanned monitoring stations called remote terminal units (RTUs). We created 317 container RTUs to sit along a pipeline over a thousand miles long. This project taught us a lot about scalability and how to best duplicate a design for our customers.


8. MOUT Facility

The first military operations for urban terrain (MOUT) village we created was to support US Air Force training. The configuration and exterior container wrapping helps mimic a realistic urban environment. The containers can be restacked and rearranged to create different scenarios.


9. Our Falcon Structures Office

We’re lucky that our entire team works on the same property, both production and office staff. The proximity helps our entire company efficiently collaborate on projects. Our own office is always evolving, just a few months ago we added a second story to our third container building! If you stop by our office, you’ll see the history of our company in the way our modifications have evolved over the past twenty years.

10. Department of Homeland Security Border Patrol Housing

When a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security needed mobile workforce housing, we were able to support the staff with container-based structures. Traditional mobile homes weren’t going to withstand the frequent relocation and harsh weather conditions along the US border, so our containers were the right durable and comfortable solution.


11. Black Swan Racing

When the Black Swan Racing team needed a car garage, they wanted it to stand out amongst their competitors. We decked out a modified container to safely store the race car between events and blow fans away with the unique container space. We could not use any wood products in the container to make entry into Australia much easier.


12. Cannon Air Force Base

At Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico, you’ll find one of our 40-foot, double-wide container structures. This space functions as a check-in station for visitors where they receive eye protection, electronic trackers, and a safety briefing. The base needed the structure to be big enough to support large groups and durable enough for future relocation.

UTSA Tailgate Container Open

13. UTSA Tailgate Container

We got to help kick college football tailgating up a notch with this fun UTSA container. We decked out this structure to be an eye-catching and exciting portable tailgating station.

Falcon Structures Fortress Obetz Interior

14. Fortress Obetz

Fortress Obetz is the largest container-based structure in the US to date! We worked closely with the village of Obetz to create the space in time to host the season opener of the local lacrosse team, and we succeeded.


15. Ashland Community Center

The Ashland Community Center is made from three combined containers that was created to provide more resources for the neighborhood. The space includes computers, a kitchenette, and a playground out back.

16. Washoe County Training Facility

What better way to create an adaptable solution than to use containers? We modified containers for the Washoe County Sheriff's Office to use as a training facility to practice emergency response.

Square Roots-Grand Rapids-2021

17. Square Roots

The creation of Square Roots indoor farms was a collaborative process that combined innovative farming technology and expertise. Our team modified the containers to create the right enclosure to house the growing produce.


18. The Pitch

This local Austin hangout spot and venue is only a few minutes down the road from our facility, so it holds a special place in our hearts! We’re proud of the inspired reaction from visitors to the space and of the many awards the design has won.


19. Hy-Vee Grocery Store Curbside Pickup

The 2020 global pandemic changed grocery shopping for many Americans. Hy-Vee, a Midwest grocery store chain, wanted to better accommodate its influx of curbside orders by utilizing containers. Hy-Vee rolled out a fleet of our climate-controlled boxes to speed up the curbside pickup process, manage parking lot traffic, and create a branded and professional-looking solution.

20. CloudKitchens

CloudKitchens works to reimagine restaurants and food delivery. We modified a fleet of container-based kitchens that could fit along a narrow piece of land giving delivery drivers easy access to the food from popular restaurants. It was fun for us to be part of this innovative solution!

These past twenty years have been a blast and we can’t wait for the next twenty years! Will you join us on this journey? Subscribe to our blog below and stay up to date. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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