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The Project Manager's Guide to Construction Site Theft Prevention

Oct 6, 2021
The Project Manager's Guide to Construction Site Theft Prevention

When you’re the project manager of a construction project, the success of your project is most likely one of your top priorities. Risk management is an important factor that leads to that success. The National Equipment Register and National Insurance Crime Bureau estimate $400 million in annual construction site theft costs. Their report states the obvious: theft occurs most often in areas with less security. Follow this guide for construction site theft prevention tactics.

Remember that anything can look appealing to thieves, even if you’d assume otherwise. This means that large equipment and small tools might attract someone with bad intentions. Even lumber, copper, office equipment, or project paperwork can look attractive to a criminal. To address the possibility of theft without dwelling on the issue – so you can get back to your other tasks at hand – consider the many aspects of site security as well as the importance of internal procedures and processes. To properly combat the risk of potential theft, you should consider the following:

construction site worker grinding metal

Lock Items Away

It’s critically important that you encourage your workers to lock items when not in use. Making security a habit will reduce the chance of theft, deterring the thief by making stealing more difficult and riskier. Options include chaining items up, placing tools in a secure storage unit (out of sight, out of mind), or even simply locking the office door on your way out for an extended period even during normal working hours.

Utilize Secure Shipping Container Structures

shipping container secure storage for construction sites

Use a modified shipping container structure for equipment storage or an onsite construction office to maximize security. Shipping containers are incredibly secure and durable units. Not only will a shipping container keep tools, equipment, office space, or a combination of work and storage space safe but it will also keep important items out of sight during off-hours helps keep theft out of mind.

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Add a Fence

A fence around your construction site might seem like a lot of extra work but consider the “layered approach” to security. Adding multiple layers of construction site theft prevention makes intruders work hard to steal from you. A fence is a great initial deterrent for potential thieves.

Install Security Cameras

construction theft prevention security cameras

Even though security cameras aren’t often as obvious as a fence around the construction site, seeing them will still deter unwanted intruders. Video security is great construction site theft prevention, but video footage also leads to real consequences for thieves after the fact. If they’re caught on camera, thieves are much more likely to be found and prosecuted. Additionally, consider hanging signs alerting intruders that they are being recorded so they know to expect consequences and pick easier targets.

Internal Security Procedures

Aside from making sure your site is secure and well-monitored, you should prioritize internal processes that encourage workers to play their part in keeping the construction site secure. As the project manager, you need to set the standard for security management. This can be done by issuing keys to only a few supervisory people and making sure workers receive training on the importance of keeping an organized tool inventory. Many companies even establish a check-in and check-out system for tools to keep everyone on the same page.

Construction theft prevention is only one element of your entire construction project, but its importance cannot be overlooked. Make the most of onsite security by utilizing a modified shipping container storage unit or portable offices. Our modified structures have helped many construction companies secure equipment and office work. To take the next step in getting your own modified container, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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