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Enhancing the Security of Shipping Container Structures

Dec 18, 2019
Enhancing the Security of Shipping Container Structures

Shipping containers are incredibly secure units. Manufacturers build the sturdy boxes from 16-gauge galvanized steel and add large, heavy cargo doors to keep contents safe. Despite their sizes, which commonly range from 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot, they can be stacked as tall as 9 high even when they travel across turbulent seas. Companies across the globe trust shipping containers to keep their valuable goods secure from harsh weather and thieves. The characteristics that make shipping containers secure as cargo boxes continue to help secure stored items, equipment, and even people once they are repurposed. For those companies that want to add to a shipping container's inherent security, there are some additional modifications that should be considered.

Containers on a boat

Making Shipping Containers Extra Secure

Many modifications take place when a shipping container is being transformed into a storage space, workspace, living space, or bathroom. Most often, these structures need to include a personnel door or windows that are installed into a cut and framed opening in the wall of the container. Although cutting into a container is how many of these modifications are made, it is no easy task, and it would be difficult for a thief to penetrate the walls of a container to get inside. Other types of container structures, such as storage units that house large equipment, often leave their cargo doors operable and may not have many, or any, windows. Regardless of the doors and windows featured on a modified shipping container, additional security modification options can make a container even more secure than they already are.

Keypad Entry

Keypad Entry

Keypad entry can be added to a personnel door on a shipping container when companies wish to upgrade a standard deadbolt lock. Adding an extra layer of security is ideal for structures like private offices, especially if they sit within a larger facility that may see a lot of passing foot traffic. The same goes for equipment enclosures that house valuable equipment when only a select few need access. Adding a coded entry creates an extra layer of security.

Latch Guard

Latch Guard

Another personnel door modification option is a latch guard or latch protector. These flat pieces of metal are bolted over the locks, decreasing the likelihood of forced entry. Even this small precaution that conceals the locks will help to deter intruders while still providing access to workers.

Burglar Bar Windows

Burglar Bar Window

Shipping container structures that are used for working and living spaces should include windows to add vital natural light to the space. Unfortunately, windows may be viewed as possible unwanted entry points that could cause concern. In the case that windows are considered vulnerable elements, windows equipped with burglar bars should be requested. Burglar bar installation is custom to each window and is carefully welded to the framed openings in the containers.

Security Light

Exterior Security Light

Exterior lights come standard with every personnel door to provide necessary light near the entrance of the container. On top of being helpful to those with permitted access, they also deter unwanted visitors from getting close to the structure. Multiple security lights can be added around the exterior to ensure the container is well lit and thus impossible for intruders to hide in the shadows.

Lock Box

Shipping Contianer Lock Box

When shipping container cargo doors are left operable – which is common for storage facilities – it’s important to keep these doors locked and protected. Although cargo doors are very secure elements on the container as they are, the valuable contents housed inside the structure should be locked when the unit is not in use. To ensure the lock on the cargo doors isn’t manipulated, a lock box can be customized and welded to the cargo door to protect the lock from bolt cutters and other theft devices. These boxes include lock tabs that are welded inside the box to increase security and eliminate vulnerability.

5 Steps to Designing Your Modified Shipping Container

It’s important to understand the inherent security of shipping containers while also considering additional modification options. Make sure you’re taking the right steps to design the container structure that meets your security needs. We are eager to help you with your process here at Falcon Structures! Give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com to let us know what you’re looking for.

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