Case Study: Modified Shipping Container Mock Village for Military Training

The U.S. Air Force needed to prepare troops for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) scenarios in combat. Falcon Structures was honored to create a custom military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) training solution

Key Goals: A Cost-Effective MOUT Training Village with Fast-Track Approval

The U.S. Air Force needed a mock village for training military personnel. Unfortunately, permitting requirements would have encumbered the construction of stick-built structures. In addition, the high cost and time-commitment associated with creating a stick-built training village were unideal. The U.S. Air Force needed realistic, yet cost-effective structures that could be quickly approved and assembled.

  • Two-story structures made from shipping containers for military training.
  • Single unit structures decorated for military training village
  • Military vehicle traveling through a container based MOUT.

The Solution: A Mock Container-Based Village with an IED Training Lane

Falcon Structures built a mock container village, complete with staggered doors, walls and windows to replicate homes and businesses in the troops’ region of deployment. The MOUT village also included a improvised explosive device (IED) training lane, where soldiers could practice responding to road side bombs.Our modified shipping containers are quickly reconfigurable. Container versatility enables the U.S. Air Force to create countless scenarios on-demand. Our solution was delivered at a fraction of the time and cost associated with building a stick-built village on their own.

Another key benefit: shipping containers are already approved for military use, which helped expedite permitting.

Key Features Included:

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