Case Study:
Container Housing Village for Military Training

Client: U.S. Air Force 

Challenge: Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are one of the most unpredictable and harmful weapons forces fighting for our freedom face. So when the U.S. Air Force needed realistic military training facilities to combat IEDs, Falcon Structures was honored to create a custom solution. The Air Force had considered constructing a military training village, but realized that process would be encumbered with permitting requirements, time for construction and cost of materials. 

Falcon’s Solution: Falcon Structures built a mock container housing village, complete with staggered doors, walls windows to replicate homes and businesses in the region in which the soldiers in training were to be deployed. The storage containers are quickly reconfigurable, meaning countless scenarios can be created on-demand. Our solution was delivered for a fraction of the time and cost associated with building a village on their own.

  • military container
    military container
  • military training module
    military training module
  • reconfigured module
    reconfigured module
  • custom modification
    custom modification
  • modified container
    modified container
  • container village
    container village
  • military container village
    military container village
  • realistic village
    realistic village
  • customized military training village
    customized military training village
  • Two story training module
    Two story training module
  • Side view
    Side view
  • staggered buildings
    staggered buildings
  • interior