• 40 foot shipping container modified to have a personnel door
  • 20 foot storage conex container with industrial grade personnel door
  • Conex shipping containers have industrial personnel doors for secure and convenient access.

Storage Container with Personnel Door

An industrial-grade personnel door makes access to storage easy and secure. Employees can use the steel cargo doors to load bulky items and the personnel door for quick access.

  • Easy, convenient access to storage space through a secure steel
    personnel door.
  • 160 square-feet or 320 square-feet of flexible and affordable storage space.
  • Secure, weather-proof and rodent-proof storage.
  • Heavy-duty industrial construction for long useful life.
  • Quick setup and relocation with no need for foundation.
  • Includes 3'w x 6'8h steel door with lever handle and deadbolt


20ft Personnel Door Storage Container

20ft personnel door storage shipping  container FS-P-20PD-ST

40ft Personnel Door Storage Container

40ft Personnel Door Storage Shipping Container FS-P-40PD-ST