Case Study

Neighborhood Community Center

A Community in Need

Community members and officials from the city of Ashland, Kentucky collaborated to help uplift their deteriorating neighborhood. Together, they decided to create a community center, with necessary resources, that also acted as a police substation.


Key Challenges

Creating a Welcoming, Multipurpose Public Space

Based on a round table discussion with community members, the center needed to provide a private office for police officials, free Wi-Fi, a computer lab, a playground out back, and more.

Beyond creating a versatile space for law enforcement and community members alike, the center needed to fit within a narrow plot of land and remain mobile as the needs of the community change. The community wanted both a durable and appealing looking structure to withstand heavy foot traffic and become a symbol of pride for the neighborhood.

The Solution: A Durable and Portable Symbol of Pride

Falcon Structures stepped in to create a multi-container community center, known as the East Ashland Community Center, that provided enough room for offices as well as community resources. The use of shipping containers allowed the center to fit in the narrow lot without sacrificing internal space. Thanks to the inherent mobility of shipping containers, the city of Ashland can relocate the center as needed by pulling apart the containers, loading them on to trucks, and driving them to their new location.

Containers also created a unique looking community center – a bright blue corrugated steel building –unlike any other building in the area. Similarly, shipping containers provide the durability the city of Ashland was looking for, thanks to their tough exterior and dependability.

Ultimately, the East Ashland Community Center became a corner stone for the community, helping to bring the neighborhood together by bridging the gap between community leaders and citizens. The increased police presence helps to deter crime, but the new community resources help uplift the community, rebuilding the neighborhood in the way’s members wanted and needed.


The Solution


Key Features Include

  • Kitchen
  • One private office
  • Bathroom
  • Foyer
  • Climate control
  • Dry wall
  • Epoxy coated plywood flooring