20' Storage Container - Technical Specs

Extra storage without taking up a lot of space.

20-storage-containerOur 20-foot storage containers provide approximately 160 square feet and 1,250 cubic feet of portable storage space, but only takes up the equivalent of one parking space.

Exterior container dimensions:
20' (L) x 8' (W) x 8.5' (H)

Interior container dimensions:
19'4" (L) x 7'8" (W) x 7'9" (H)



This ISO standard portable storage container requires no foundations or structural assembly. It is wind and water-tight to protect your things from the elements. All of our 20-foot storage containers are heavy-duty because they are built with:

  • 16 gauge vertically corrugated galvanized steel
  • Double, asymmetrical steel doors with ground-level entry
  • Heavy-duty, marine-grade wood flooring
  • Die-stamped steel roof

We know your things are important to you. We'll help keep them safe while they're stored and portable for when you're ready to use them again.