Climate Controlled Shelving Container

Like the Falcon Shelving Box, the climate controlled version offers efficient, organized storage with adjustable shelving on one or both sides, but and also includes an HVAC unit. Choose from 20ft or 40ft storage options.

  • Efficiently organize equipment, supplies and raw materials on adjustable shelves along one or both container side walls.
  • 160 sq/ft or 320 sq/ft of secure, weather-proof and rodent-proof space.
  • Heavy-duty industrial construction for long useful life.
  • Quick setup and relocation with no need for foundation.
  • Each durable 3'l x 1.5"w shelf holds up to 800 lbs.
  • Includes HVAC unit, 1" Sytrofoam panel insulation (R-rated), adjustable shelving and 3'w x 6'8"h steel personnel door with lever and deadbolt. 
  • Consider adding optional access through a convenient and secure steel personnel door. 
  • Click below for basic shipping container specifications. 

Shipping Container Specs


  • Climate Controlled Storage Container With Shelves
  • 40ft Climate Controlled Shelving Box Exterior
  • 20ft Climate Controlled Shelving Box Interior
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20ft Climate Controlled Shelving Container

20ft Climate Controlled Shelving Box FS-P-20SS-CC

40ft Climate Controlled Shelving Container

20ft Climate Controlled Shelving Box FS-P-40SS-CC
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