Containerized Generator

Shipping containers are a natural fit for many industrial applications due to their durability and portability. The containerized generator is no exception.

These generator housings can be transported from site to site easily by truck, relocated once onsite with just a forklift, and can be permanently placed on a trailer for instant portability if required.  Flooring, HVAC, lighting, and more options are also available to meet your unique specifications. 

With an unlimited lifetime expectancy and very low maintenance, the shipping container remains the optimal solution to house large generators.

  • 40ft Containerized Generator Enclosure
  • 20ft Containerized Generator Enclosure
  • Containerized Generator Interior With Multiple Pass Throughs

Enclosure Features

  • Pass-through cutting, welding and paint & prep
  • Opening framed by welded, painted steel tubing
  • Flooring options to achieve liquid containment 
  • HVAC, lighting, doors and other options available
  • Delivered ready for generator installation
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