Buy a Falcon Box storage container

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Buying a repurposed Conex box for storage makes financial sense. Renting shipping-container storage seems cost effective until months of fees begin to accumulate. Our refurbished shipping containers, Falcon Boxes, are built to securely store materials for years, providing worry-free service without on-going costs.  

Falcon Structures offers different sizes and grades of storage containers for sale. We can provide anything from a Conex box that has been used one time to a 20-year-old shipping container. 

20' storage container dimensions

40' storage container dimensions

Get a quote from the Falcon Structures team, or call us at 512-231-9603 to match a box to the storage need.


Modify a Conex box

For applications that require climate control, workspace, or even living quarters, Falcon Structures offers a range of modified shipping containers in addition to our refurbished Conex boxes.

Discover ways to modify your container