Connex Water Treatment 
Equipment Enclosure

Shipping containers are often used when other forms of enclosures simply cannot effectively meet the industrial demands required. This was the case for WesTech - who engineers and manufactures process equipment for wastewater industries.

WesTech required an large, 40 foot industrial equipment enclosure to house a portable “dewatering” plant to treat coal ash pond water before closing the pond – a federal and state mandated requirement.  This process is extremely sensitive as the water contains environmentally damaging coal power production byproducts and must be treated safely.

  • Equipment Enclosure Exterior
  • Shipping Container Equipment Enclosure Interior
  • Eqipment enclosure interior

Benefits Unique to a Shipping Container

The shipping container industrial equipment enclosure allows the water to be treated not only securely, but also on-site. Once the pond is closed, the enclosure is then relocated to the next pond site, allowing for significant cost benefits as compared to a newly constructed unit.  Each container also maintains its structural integrity when relocated, with no need for a foundation – a feature no other enclosure type could offer. 

Each unit is equipped with a large HVAC unit to keep equipment cool as well was special flooring for liquid containment. The enclosure also features multiple pass-through access points for several treatment pipes. 

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