Interior of shipping container modified into modular shelter for industrial equipment.

Modular Shelters and Enclosures in Shipping Containers

Durable, secure, and easy to transport, Falcon Structures' modular shelters offer flexibility and peace of mind. Constructed of heavy-duty, corrugated steel, our repurposed shipping containers stand up to severe weather, resist pests, and are easy to install. We have experience creating custom equipment shelters and enclosures for remote terminal units (RTUs) for oil and gas pipelines, mobile water treatment plants, server and control rooms, and more. 

Conex container modified into an modular shelter for equipment.

Equipment and Controls Enclosure

Customizable industrial enclosures are manufactured based on your unique specifications. Common modifications include: HVAC unit; waterproof flooring and walls; custom electrical; explosion- and vapor-proof lighting and more. No cement slab is needed, so once you receive your enclosure onsite, simply connect to utilities and go.

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