Living Box Interior

Container Housing - Living Space

Efficient and easy to deploy, Falcon Living Boxes provide a comfortable industrial housing solution where employees can feel safe. Constructed of durable, galvanized steel, Falcon modular housing solutions stand up to extreme weather and are rodent-proof.

Living Boxes offer a secure, climate controlled, living space where occupants can relax, bathe and sleep. A kitchenette option is also available. We’ve configured the plumbing and electrical for you, so setup is a breeze onsite. In addition, you can safely stack multiple Living Boxes when space is at a premium.

40 foot jack and jill living shipping container interior

Living Container

The climate controlled 40ft Living Box includes two distinct spaces. One space includes the full bath, while the other can accommodate sleep, relaxation and/or dining needs. Durable, steel construction keeps residents safe from intruders and the elements. 
Choose from 20ft or 40ft storage options.
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Jack and Jill Exterior

40ft Jack & Jill Living Container

If you need two private living spaces under one roof, consider the 40ft Jack & Jill Living Box. This floor plan includes two separate climate controlled living areas that share one full bath. Separate, locked entrances help ensure privacy.
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