Shipping Container Living

Falcon Living Box

modified shipping containersTypical uses - Crew Living Quarters, Forward Operating Bases, Work Camps for Oil & Gas Drilling Sites , Offshore Living Quarters, Military Housing, Containerized Housing Units, Disaster Relief Housing

Available for purchase only in the United States.

Our industrial living spaces are built into heavy duty ISO shipping containers. These efficient living spaces are constructed with heavy duty materials and create a secure environment while on-site. The shipping container efficient living space is easily transportable and rapidly deployable.  Furthermore, the buildings may be stacked to conserve space.

Standard features for all Falcon Living Boxes include:
  • Plumbing for shower, sink and toilet
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Electrical system and lighting
  • Wiring for telephone and Internet connections
  • Insulated walls and ceiling

efficient living spaceCommercial Shipping Container Living >>

We have container houses designed for commercial use. From portable housing for border patrol agents to setting up a work camp on a drilling site to offshore housing on ships & rigs to containerized housing units for soldiers, Falcon has a solution that is rapidly deployable, easy to setup, and solid as the container that it's built in. Both 40' & 20' floorplans available.

Shipping Container Delivery Options

  • Living container with desk
  • living container with bathroom
  • Living container bathroom
  • Living container shower
  • living container open window
  • Living container bedroom, bunk beds and desk