Case Study:
Air Cargo Container for Lockheed Martin

Client: Lockheed Martin

Challenge: Lockheed Martin didn’t just need a portable office and workshop – this client needed ones that were portable by plane. The problem they quickly found is that all standard storage containers are about a half-foot too tall for height limitations for airplane cargo. 

Falcon’s Solution: Falcon Structures designed an air cargo container to fit Lockheed Martin's specific needs.  We trimmed two of our storage vessels by a half-foot. Furthermore, we ensured all add-ons were flush with the container, which was another unique requirement for air transportation. We made sure none of the window casings, handles, panels and hook-ups stuck out over an edge – ensuring Lockheed Martin to fly their portable office and workshop as standard airplane cargo. Falcon Containers also helped this customer with a number of upgrades, including installation of Stanley Vidmar cabinets, marine-grade doors and water-tight electrical connectors.

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