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Case Study: Air Cargo Container Office for Lockheed Martin

Exterior of Lockheed Martin's cargo container office

 Lockheed Martin, a leading company in aerospace technology and global security, needed a mobile field office and workshop. They contacted Falcon Structures to create a portable office out of modified shipping containers that could fit on an airplane. 

Key Goals: Creating an office that could travel by plane

Lockheed Martin needed a portable shipping container office and workshop that could be transported by plane. Unfortunately, standard storage containers are too tall for airplane cargo height limitations.

 Office Floorplans

Interior of a container office that can be transported by plane.

The Solution: A custom sized shipping container office

Falcon Structures trimmed two shipping containers by half a foot. They also needed to ensure that all additional features were flush with the container. None of the window casings, handles, panels or hook-ups could stick out over the edge of the container. Because we modified the container to fit within air-transport size limits, Lockheed Martin could easily load and fly their portable shipping container office and workshop as standard airplane cargo.

Key Features Included:

  • Strict compliance to air-transport size limits.
  • Stanley Vidmar cabinets.
  • Marine-grade doors.
  • Water-tight electrical connectors.
  • Clean and professional finishes specially designed to not crack during transport.

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