Case Study

Biowaste Equipment Enclosures

Bio-Response Solutions Improves Product Marketability with Container Enclosures

Family-owned and operated Bio-Response Solutions creates vital equipment to treat biowaste for their customers in the pharmaceutical, funeral, and agricultural industries. Bio-Response Solutions plays an important role in keeping communities safe. For example, biowaste – such as pathogens related to vaccine and medication research – needs to be destroyed before leaving the production facility to protect sewer plant workers and members of the community.


Key Challenges

Providing Vital Equipment and the Space for It

Bio-Response Solutions faces a frequent issue: its customers request biowaste equipment to properly dispose of hazardous materials but lack space to house the equipment. Even impressive laboratories can overlook the importance of designing a proper space to accommodate biowaste needs.

The team at Bio-Response needed to find a realistic and simple way to get customers the necessary equipment and ensure that the equipment would be kept in good condition – without asking customers to build additional space.

The Solution: Cost-Efficient, Strong, and Portable Container Enclosures

A solution to a lack of space is to create space, but a space that works for all parties. Modified shipping containers offer a cost-efficient, strong, and portable enclosure that properly houses equipment wherever needed. This works well for Bio-Response because the team can put their equipment inside a container and easily ship it to a customer. It also works well for their customer because the system arrives in a customized equipment enclosure, easy to place in any available space.

Shipping containers proved to be a more cost-efficient solution than asking customers to build additional space for the equipment. Additionally, the inherent strength and durability of shipping containers protects the important machinery well and customers can place the unit almost anywhere. Ultimately, putting the biowaste equipment in a modified shipping container – outfitted with proper insulation, air conditioning, and entry points – makes Bio-Response equipment more marketable. Moving forward, when customers present the issue of their lack of space for the equipment, Bio-Response can offer a container solution.


The Solution


Key Features Include

  • One 40-foot high cube container
  • Personnel doors
  • Operable cargo doors
  • Climate control
  • Insulation
  • Lighting and electrical outlets
  • Epoxy diamond tread steel flooring