Case Study

Custom Shipping Container Generator Enclosures

Timely & Custom Container Enclosures

Taylor Power Systems designs, engineers, and manufactures large commercial generators to provide primary and standby power. They produce a 1.25-megawatt generator for purchase or rent that powers hospitals, residential complexes, and industrial facilities. The company knew from experience that modified shipping containers provided the perfect enclosure for their generators, but getting those containers proved difficult.

taylor power enclosure empty

Key Challenges

Missed Revenue from Limited Supply

Taylor Power Systems tried transforming a shipping container into a generator enclosure themselves until it cut into the production time of their own products too much. The manufacturer they initially chose to produce their containers could not keep up with the company’s demand. Without containers, all those unhoused, and therefore unused, generators represented many thousands of dollars of missed revenue.

A Manufacturer That Meets Speed & Volume Needs

Falcon’s design and engineering team took Taylor Power Systems’ previous generator enclosure design and made revisions based on Falcon’s process and expertise. We leveraged our streamlined manufacturing process to produce the containers at the quality, volume, and speed Taylor Power Systems needed.

The five 40-foot containers required unique and precise modifications to allow the generators to properly function. These modifications included many reinforced openings for ventilation, utility ports, fuel doors, and roof openings for access to the top of the generator. Falcon partnered with a local metal working company to create custom components like steel grating and an inset ladder on the exterior.

These shipping container generator enclosures were especially intricate, but also an exciting challenge for Falcon. Each subsequent container was produced more quickly than the first as our team implemented manufacturing best practices to produce the generator enclosures swiftly and accurately.


The Solution

tps generator enclosure unpainted
taylor power enclosure paint dome
tps generator enclosure doors
taylor power enclosure empty
taylor power large

Key Features Include

  • 5 40-foot shipping containers
  • 23+ custom reinforced openings on each container
  • Steel doors with steel grating
  • Custom hardware
  • Interior removable ladder
  • Exterior welded inset ladder
  • Jet black paint finish