Case Study: a showstopping storage solution

Storing Supplies with Style

Costa Sanders is a leading supplier of industrial sanding and brushing machines for processing wood, metal, and other surfaces. Part of their sales and marketing strategy includes traveling to trade shows across the country several times a year. But finding and renting extra storage space for their supplies proved to be a challenge, both logistically and financially. That’s when they turned to Falcon Structures for a solution that satisfied both form and function. 


Key Challenges: Transportable Storage 

The company was transporting several of their 7,000+ lb machines to trade shows, but they were renting office space from the exhibit centers to store extra tools and supplies. After the pandemic, they noticed the price to rent these short-term spaces had increased substantially. The Costa Sanders team searched for a solution that would house all of their supplies, transport easily, and look sleek enough to be a part of their exhibit display. 

The Solution: A Compact, Branded Container Made to Travel

Falcon and Costa Sanders came up with a clever solution that blended storage and style. Our production team modified a 10-foot shipping container, welding the cargo doors in place and adding a personnel door in the middle. On the other side, we replaced the corten steel with a 6-foot roll-up door, making it easier to move large equipment in and out.  

Costa Sanders didn’t require much alteration on the inside of the container. We ran electrical power for lighting, and the company will install built-in shelves and toolboxes as needed. 

The exterior of the container is quite the showstopper. We painted it a crisp white, reminiscent of the colors of the company’s heavy-duty machinery. Costa Sanders added a large TV to one side, then mounted a metal-framed wooden logo plate to the other side. They even incorporated LED backlighting behind the logo and TV, making the container stand out as a showpiece alongside their comparably sized products.  

Key Features Include

  • One 10-foot container
  • One personnel door
  • One roll-up door
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Paint color to match company branding

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