Case Study

Enhanced Employee Facilities Using Containers

Container Locker Room & Breakroom

When we first spoke with Clarios, an energy storage company, they were trying to find a solution to a common problem among our customers: how to improve the work environment for their employees. Together, we created a timely modular structure solution that has boosted the morale of the workforce at one of their locations. 

Clarios lockers and benches

Key Challenges

Retain Talent with Improved Amenities

The team was getting by with a few job trailers scattered around one of their jobsites. However, the walk to and from trailers was long, and the trailers were too small to comfortably accommodate workers during their breaks. The company especially needed a space for workers to wash away dirt and debris from their shift before heading home. Upper management knew they risked losing talented team members if they didn't improve amenities in their working environment. 

Timely & Comfortable Facilities for Workforce

Initially, Clarios considered a fleet of rental trailers or even a stick-built structure. But renting flimsy trailers wasn't an ideal investment, and a traditionally built structure would take too long. The conex containers used for contractor storage on their site made them wonder: What about modified shipping containers?

Falcon and Clarios designed a locker room and breakroom structure made of five 40-foot containers on the bottom and five on top. The compact footprint and the quick manufacturing turnaround were driving factors in the company's choice to use containers. The bottom five containers were modified to include a wall of 10 shower stalls for workers to wash up at the end of their shift. We created a large opening within the bottom level to accommodate benches and lockers once the containers were assembled onsite. The upstairs breakroom is accessible by an exterior staircase and includes a sprawling break area that can accommodate dozens of workers at a time. An enclosed room acts as a private office for the site's foreman. 

Most importantly, the team loves their new container locker room and breakroom. The company reported a positive shift in employee morale, as well as appreciation to management for taking action to help workers thrive and feel more comfortable in their work environment. 


The Solution

Clarios upstairs breakroom 2
Clarios exterior stairs
Clarios lockers and benches
Clarios showers

Key Features Include

  • 10 40-foot containers placed side by side (five on top, five on bottom)
  • 10 shower stalls
  • Large opening for lockers and benches
  • Four framed openings to contain soiled laundry
  • Four two-ton HVACs
  • Open breakroom space
  • Private foreman's office
  • Vinyl flooring