Falcon Structures Implements Environment Friendly Paint System

water-based-paintAustin TX, August 27, 2019 Falcon Structures, a manufacturer of container-based structures, unveiled their new waterborne paint system to improve environmental impact. This paint system will be used as an outer coat to the modified container structures and includes a new epoxy primer and full acrylic topcoat. As water-based paints, they act as a friendly alternative to more commonly used oil-based paints, used for projects of a similar caliber. These new paints dry as the water in the mixtures evaporate, where oil-based paints release a higher volume of harmful chemicals that damage the atmosphere.

“We take great pride in the fact that we have been benefitting the environment for 16 years by repurposing shipping containers. I am eager to take this next step by providing a more environmentally friendly paint option,” said CEO and co-founder, Stephen Shang.

The state of Texas strictly regulates companies that release VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Traditional oil-based paints emit more VOCs than water-based paints, making oil-based paints more harmful to the environment and thus regulated to limit the negative impact to air quality. By taking a more mindful approach to painting, Falcon is seeing additional benefits. With this new paint system, Falcon will minimize harmful emissions while also speeding up their production process. Additionally, after a series of tests, these paints have proven to be high performing sealants that will protect the containers as an outer coating.

“I’m glad we are moving to a higher performance coating system that is significantly better for the environment. We have completed the necessary testing and we are confident that this will be a good paint system moving forward,” said Executive VP of Products and co-founder, Brian Dieringer.

Falcon Structures plans to make the water-based paint a key topic at the upcoming Greenbuild Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, November 20th - 22nd. You can stop by to learn more at booth #933.

About Falcon Structures

Falcon Structures repurposes ISO shipping containers into durable, mobile, and secure structures. Products include climate-controlled storage, offices, living quarters, industrial shelters, and code compliant modules for container buildings. Their solutions can travel, adapt, and grow with projects regardless of industry.

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