Falcon Structures Announces New ERP System to Better Serve Customers

CEO_speaking_to_employeesAustin TX, February 2, 2023 – Falcon Structures, a leading shipping container modification manufacturer, announces the implementation and full operational effectiveness of Epicor’s Kinetic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Epicor’s manufacturing-focused Kinetic ERP system enables Falcon to provide best-in-class, start-to-finish support for its customers.

The Kinetic ERP system acts as the operating system of the company, linking sales, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and production to streamline production. With more clarity on project cost, labor resource demand, material availability, and scheduling, Falcon can rapidly scale container production as it executes both small volume customizable projects and large volume specialized projects. 

“Our ERP system significantly improves our ability to make and keep good promises to our customers,” said Falcon Structures President and COO John McAlonan. “The system synchronizes production with our supply chain to minimize disruptions while optimizing cash flow. By tying specific material requirements to detailed operations instructions, the ERP system reduces ambiguity and helps us achieve consistent build quality.”

CEO Stephen Shang chimed in, saying, “ultimately, the ERP system paves a strategic path forward for us as a manufacturer. We’re focusing on building a world-class manufacturing system to meet the needs of customers who expect scalable production, predictable costs, and reliable delivery schedules.” 

Falcon’s entire business operating system—built largely on its implementation of this ERP system—facilitates consistent project execution. Falcon’s customers benefit from 20 years of container industry experience coupled with the application of best-in-class technology.

About Falcon Structures

Falcon Structures is a market leader in modular, shipping container-based building. Since its founding in 2003, Falcon has committed to building a better world by pioneering the use of container-based structures. Falcon has manufactured over a million square feet and holds an ICC-ESR certification to repurpose AC462 compliant shipping containers into durable, mobile, and secure structures. Falcon products include climate-controlled storage, offices, living quarters, training facilities, industrial enclosures, and code-compliant modules for container buildings. Falcon has manufactured container buildings of all sizes that can travel, adapt, and grow with projects regardless of industry, including the largest shipping container structure in the United States to date, the 122-container stadium, Fortress Obetz. For more information on Falcon and modified containers, please visit www.falconstructures.com.

Media Contact: 
Krista Short
Director of Marketing
Falcon Structures

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on PR Wire.

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