Falcon Structures repurposes shipping containers in container-based structures in house.

Repurposed Container-Based Structure Solutions with Superior Quality

Located just East of Austin, Texas, Falcon’s best-in-class factory is strategically situated to serve the entire United States.  We take a manufacturing plant approach to building container-based structures, enabling us to deliver a product with superior quality and consistency on budget and on schedule.

Falcon Structures' Facility and Process

The Falcon Structures trained staff performs each step of production—welding, carpentry, electrical, finish out, and painting—in house within our 5-acre manufacturing facility. Each step of our process is segmented into a designated area or “dome.” As the conex container moves through the domes, the production team performs rigorous quality control checks at each stage. At peak production output we can produce four repurposed containers a day.

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  • Falcon Structures' office is a container-based structure.
  • Our expert production team creates repurposed shipping container-based structures.
  • Falcon Structures' production of shipping container-based structures is separated by in domes.
  • Our extensive facility is a quality controlled space for repurposed shipping container-based structures.
  • Aerial shot of our repurposed shipping container plant.

Thanks to our State of the Art Manufacturing Facility, Customers Can Expect:

  • Reliable completion dates.
  • A quality-controlled container-based structure.
  • Accurate tracking.

Our central office is a two-story container-based building made from eight 40-foot high-cube containers. The office has clear span areas to create an open work environment while maintaining the industrial look and feel of the containers. As Falcon has grown, we’ve added several auxiliary ground level shipping container offices (GLOs).

A Manufacturer of AC462 Code Compliant Containers

ES MarkAs signified in ESR 4163, Falcon Structures is a proud provider of shipping containers approved for use as building materials. When you choose to use our code compliant containers, you and your local coding official can be certain that your structure is made from structurally sound materials, greatly expediting your permitting process. As both a provider of ICC-ES approved, containers and an in-house manufacturer of modified container modules, we streamline your building process and act as your container expert.

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