Case Study: 

Climate Controlled Mobile IT Room 

Phoenix Petrocorp needed a mobile IT (information technology) room with climate control to protect.

Key Goals: Create a Secure Climate Controlled Space for Servers in the Field

Phoenix Petrocorp needed a mobile IT (information technology) room that could easily be moved to and from various petroleum drilling sites. The room needed to be specially designed to house servers, which are extremely sensitive. Servers exude a significant amount heat, yet operate best at a specific temperature. Unless they are kept in a climate-controlled space, servers risk overheating and permanent data loss. 

The Solution: A 20-Foot Modified Shipping Container IT Room

Falcon Structures modified a standard climate controlled storage container for this project. When transporting the container from site to site, the cargo doors keep the contents secure. Onsite, the cargo doors open to a convenient personnel door in an insulated wall. Employees have easy access to the servers without compromising energy efficiency or the internal temperature.

Key Features of the Shipping Container IT Room Include:

  • Additional insulation.
  • Field tested HVAC systems.
  • Outlets and plug-and-play utility ports.
  • An insulated wall with a personnel door behind cargo doors.