Case Study

SERV, the Modular Food & Entertainment Venue

Custom Containers On-Time & Within Budget

SERV is an outdoor food, entertainment, and pickleball venue outside of Kansas City. It opened in February 2023 and has become a go-to spot for happy hours, family nights, and sports watch parties. From the beginning, SERV’s owners knew they wanted to create the feel of a food park, but with modified shipping containers serving as the primary structures. They needed to find a container manufacturer capable of modifying shipping containers into commercial kitchens, public restrooms, climate-controlled storage, and more. However, it proved difficult to find a modular developer that could meet their timeline and stay within budget.

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Key Challenges

Meet Cost and Timeline Expectations

Since SERV’s developers knew they wanted to use modified shipping containers, they needed to find an experienced manufacturer that would meet their cost and timeline expectations. Falcon was the right fit, thanks to our streamlined, off-site manufacturing practices that capture the time and cost-saving benefits of modular construction.

Off-Site Construction in a Manufacturing Environment

Falcon adapted SERV’s existing designs to better fit into our manufacturing process. We have an extensive design library of tried-and-true container floor plans and modifications for container bathrooms, kitchens, storage, and even an upright 40-foot tower. We utilized these for SERV’s containers and saved valuable time in the design phase. Our production team has extensive experience building from our design library, so we could rely on them to construct SERV’s containers with a higher quality and quicker turnaround than if they were produced through traditional construction. Since Falcon approaches container construction from a manufacturing mindset, we can harness the time and cost-saving benefits of modular construction, especially for a large scale project like SERV.

Production on SERV’s 19 containers began in May of 2022. While SERV’s developers were prepping the site in Overland Park, Kansas, the Falcon team was simultaneously manufacturing 4,872 square feet of usable container space for the venue. The containers spent a total of 109 days in our factory before being shipped 700+ miles north to their final destination. 

We worked closely with SERV’s developers to coordinate easy site setup once the containers arrived onsite. The containers were 90% complete when shipped and required a handful of final touches that could only be done once transported. 


The Solution


Key Features Include

  • Seven commercial container kitchens for unique cuisine options
  • 40-foot women’s restroom and 40-foot men’s and family restroom
  • 40-foot container bar with sliding service windows
  • Two containers stacked on top of bar container to create outdoor projection screen
  • Upright 40-foot container tower at entrance
  • Four container retail spaces
  • Cold and dry storage containers
  • Full plumbing and electrical functionality