Falcon Structures Manufactures Containers for SERV Food & Entertainment Venue

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Austin TX, November 11, 2023 – Falcon Structures, a leading manufacturer of container-based structures in Austin, Texas, was chosen to manufacture 19 shipping containers for the SERV food and pickleball venue in Overland Park, Kansas. The outdoor food park opened in February 2023 and is a popular destination for a variety of food choices, drinks, lawn games, sports viewing parties, and more. 

Falcon Structures referred to their extensive design library and 20 years of experience to transform the shipping containers for SERV. The park is composed of 7 unique kitchens, 4 retail spaces, 2 container bathrooms, dry and cold storage, and a full functioning bar with containers stacked 3-high to create an outdoor projector screen. An upright 40-foot tower at the entrance acts as a waypoint in the urban area. 

“SERV is an impressive facility and a really interesting use case. Modular building isn’t that common in the food and beverage industry,” said Stephen Shang, CEO and Co-founder of Falcon Structures. “We approached the project from a modular perspective and were able to standardize much of the manufacturing process. That really benefited the overall timeline and cost.”

Falcon began production on the containers in May 2022. The company credits its streamlined manufacturing operating system for the swift production, as the containers were shipped 700+ miles to Kansas in August 2022. All of the container kitchens were designed and outfitted to fully operate as commercial kitchens, even within the compact space of a single-wide container.

This is Falcon’s second food park project, following The Pitch in central Austin. The company hopes to continue pioneering the use of container-based structures for food and entertainment venues. 




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Krista Short
VP of Marketing
Falcon Structures

About Falcon Structures

Falcon Structures is a market leader in modular, shipping container-based buildings. Since its founding in 2003, Falcon has committed to building a better world by pioneering the use of container-based structures. Falcon has manufactured over a million square feet and holds an ICC-ESR certification to repurpose AC462 compliant shipping containers into durable, mobile, and secure structures. Falcon products include climate-controlled storage, offices, living quarters, training facilities, industrial enclosures, and code-compliant modules for container buildings. Falcon has manufactured container buildings of all sizes that can travel, adapt, and grow with projects regardless of industry, including the largest shipping container structure in the United States to date, the 122-container stadium, Fortress Obetz. For more information on Falcon and modified containers, please visit

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