Falcon Structures CEO to Present at Building Officials Association of TX Conference


AUSTIN, TEXAS – July 31, 2018 – In light of recent and upcoming changes to building code, Falcon Structures CEO, Stephen Shang will give a three-hour presentation titled, “Evolving Shipping Container Code Landscape” at the Building Officials Association of Texas’ (BOAT) 2018 Annual Conference. He is slated to present at 8:45 a.m.-11:50 a.m., Aug. 9th at the Embassy Suites Amarillo, 550 S. Buchanan Street, Amarillo. 

Shang has served as Falcon Structures’ CEO from its inception and brings with him over a decade of experience in container-based building. 

“As container-based buildings gain momentum, building code officials have been asking about their permitting options. I want them to know there’s a safe, ICC approved path forward,” said Shang.

Until very recently, International Code Council’s (ICC) guidance on using shipping containers as building components had been limited to non-existent.  Shang and other industry leaders led a collaborative discussion with the ICC on how to safely and sensibly permit container-based buildings. Their work has yielded substantial additions to chapter 31 in the coming 2021 edition of International Building Code and the adoption of clear acceptance guidance through AC462. Shang is eager to share this progress with the building officials who will be attending the BOAT conference.

“I believe that building officials and builders should work together to reach a common goal: clear guidance for creating safe structures. BOAT’s invitation to have me speak at their conference embodies that collaborative attitude,” said Shang.

The 2018 BOAT conference promises to be a productive forum on permitting for container-based buildings and other significant changes to IBC. Concurrent sessions will cover questions on building safety, project management for builders navigating code, and lessons learned from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Builders, code officials, and material manufacturers alike will be able to gain relevant insight to the dynamic guidance outlined in the IBC.




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About Falcon Structures

Founded in 2003, Falcon Structures repurposes steel shipping containers into AC462 compliant modules for container-based buildings and also creates single container structures for living, working and storage. In 2016, Falcon manufactured 122 modified containers that were then stacked into a stadium called Fortress Obetz, the largest shipping container structure in the United States to date. Falcon’s growing client base includes major energy corporations, defense contractors, construction firms and the US Department of Defense.

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