Trinity Private Equity Group Invests in Container-based Structure Manufacturer, Falcon Structures


Austin TX, March 18, 2019  Trinity Private Equity Group made a substantial growth capital investment in Falcon Structures, a manufacturer of container-based structures. With this capital infusion, Falcon expects to double the company’s employees by 2021 and ramp up the company’s production capacity.

“Trinity’s investment enables us to scale our business in order to dependably serve the rapidly expanding container-based structures market,” says Stephen Shang, Falcon Structures CEO and co-founder.

The capital will fuel growth initiatives in Falcon’s existing business of space augmentation, using container-based structures such as offices and storage units to repurpose under-utilized space; field operations, mobilizing container-based structures to serve as working and living units for industrial field work; and equipment enclosures, containerizing high value equipment to keep it secure and mobile.

Furthermore, as a premier private equity firm, Trinity recognized Falcon’s potential to revolutionize the development and construction industry with fast, modular, container-based structures. This new partnership will leverage Trinity Private Equity Group’s real estate experience to catalyze Falcon’s entry into the modular construction market.

“Trinity is an exceptionally good fit for Falcon’s strategic direction. They’re bringing invaluable real estate resources to the table that will be instrumental in forging the future for container-based structures,” said Shang.

Sanjay Chandra, Managing Partner at Trinity Private Equity Group and co-founder of American Leather is joining the board of directors, bringing extensive real estate and manufacturing experience to Falcon Structures.  Alan Blake, co-founder of GloFish, is also joining Falcon’s board of directors and lending his entrepreneurial experience to guide Falcon’s growth.

Trinity Private Equity Group’s investment capitalizes on Falcon’s leadership position in the container-based structures market.

"We see Falcon as a disrupter in construction technology with great opportunity for growth and setting a new standard in container-based construction,” concluded Chandra.




Media Contact:

Krista Short
VP of Marketing
Falcon Structures

About Falcon Structures

Founded in 2003, Falcon Structures is forging a path to faster, more cost-effective construction with shipping containers. With ESR 4163, Falcon can provide AC462 compliant containers fit for use as building materials. Every modified container is manufactured in Falcon’s controlled facility to create a product that consistently exceeds customer expectations. Falcon’s growing client base includes major energy corporations, defense contractors, construction firms and the US Department of Defense.

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