Shipping container storage space modified to have overhead roll up doors

Portable Storage Containers

Secure valuables with cost-effective, container storage solutions

Modified ISO shipping containers offer a number of benefits over traditional self-storage and warehouse storage solutions. Engineered to safely transport items overseas, shipping containers are built to last and endure harsh weather conditions. That’s why modified 20-ft and 40-ft ISO containers work so well for portable storage applications. 


Who should use modified shipping containers for portable storage?

Available in 20-ft and 40-ft configurations, modified ISO containers suit storage applications big and small. Containers can be used for short- and long-term storage needs and can be modified to withstand challenging climates, hot and cold.

Learn more about the safety and security of modified shipping containers here.

Modified containers are ideal for individuals and organizations that need to secure valuables and supplies:

  • At remote locations – professional, or industrial.        
  • Close to a home, school or business.
  • For recreational and sporting activities.
  • Near health care facilities.
  • On an industrial job site.
  • To support agriculture and ranching needs.
  • During an emergency or disaster relief. 

Why should you choose a shipping container for portable storage needs?

Shipping containers are constructed from weather and pest-resistant, 16-gauge corrugated steel. Steel offers advantages in several key areas: 

Durability. The average lifespan of a shipping container is 25 years.
Security. Corten steel construction and heavy-duty locks protect contents from theft and the elements.
Cost. Reasonable initial upfront investment and minimal maintenance costs add up to long-term savings.
Convenience. Built for travel, shipping containers are easily relocated based on your needs. 
Accessibility. Ground level cargo doors simplify loading and unloading.
Speed. Quick setup and relocation with no need for a foundation.
Options. Climate control, ventilation, lighting, shelving, access points, etc. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

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