Storage containers

Portable Storage Container Solutions

Protect what's important to you

Safe and secure, Falcon shipping containers provide an ideal environment to store durable equipment. Plus, our containers can be modified to store sensitive materials (files, electronics, chemicals, etc.) or provide workspace by incorporating an HVAC system, lighting, venting, and more. Include a personnel or roll-up door for easy access. The applications are unlimited.

20ft one trip container with doors open

Portable Storage

Safely store equipment, supplies, excess inventory, household items, and more in a 20’ or 40’ modular storage container. Sturdy, steel construction offers optimum protection from theft and the elements.

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20ft storage container on private land

Property and Landowner Usage

Save on moving and storage costs. Your furniture, household items, and other valuables can be conveniently stored onsite.

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Storage container with personnel door

Case Study: Mobile IT Room

Learn how Falcon developed a storage solution to keep valuable IT equipment and servers cool, secure, and mobile in a climate-controlled, lighted space. A personnel door was included to allow for easy employee access.

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Shipping containers at airports

Case Study: Airport Construction Storage

Learn how Falcon shipping containers simplified storage needs during the update of four separate terminals at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Sturdy, mobile, and theft-resistant, shipping containers provide an ideal storage solution for this dynamic environment.

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Shipping container interor with lights

Schools and Youth Clubs

Easily accommodate short- or long-term needs for additional office or classroom space. Heavy-duty, steel construction deters theft of athletic equipment, electronics, furniture, and more.

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Storage container for agriculture and livestock

Agriculture and Livestock

Provide climate-controlled living and workspaces for farm workers and store excess machinery. Rodent-proof design helps preserve livestock feed and keep your harvest safe prior to sale.

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Storage containers outside retailer

Retailers, Restaurants and Automotive

Free up space, while ensuring inventory, supplies, and vital business records are secured nearby. Weather-resistant design keeps automotive machinery and supplies safe and dry.

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Storage container for hunting use

Hunting and Outdoors

Mobilize your storage solution or provide shelter and living space in the wild. Heavy-duty, steel construction keeps hunting supplies, equipment, valuable ATVs, and outdoorsmen secure.

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Commercial shipping container storage

Commercial Storage

Accommodate industrial and commercial storage needs onsite or on the go. Durable, modular, shipping containers provide the ideal storage solution for equipment, files, and inventory and can serve as a climate-controlled office, machine shop, or crew quarters.

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