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Portable Storage Buildings for Schools and Athletics

Shipping containers are an affordable storage solution for school assets such as sports equipment and laptops. Easy to relocate and secure, containers can help high schools, colleges, and universities scale up their resources for students.

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Key modification options for school storage:

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Portable container storage unit painted with college athletics colors
Insulated conex container ideal for school server rooms
Mobile locker room storage building.

Secure storage for laptops and IT equipment

As universities take on more students and expand their departments, their IT capacity will need to grow. Server room containers quickly arrive on-site to provide space for additional servers. Shipping containers also provide exceptionally secure storage for laptop computers and tablets while school is out for the summer.

Consider building a container based:

  • Climate controlled server room.
  • Laptop and IT equipment storage space.

Portable locker rooms and storage for athletic gear

Paint your modified shipping container with school colors to boost team spirit! Schools place storage containers for sports equipment right on the field for fast access without sacrificing security.

Consider building a container-based:

  • Equipment shed.
  • Locker room.
  • Garage for riding lawn mowers.
  • School and sports field storage.

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