Case Study

All-Metal Locker Room for Oil & Gas


A Space for Employees in Remote Locations

Williams builds and maintains energy infrastructure. Part of their work includes operating and maintaining natural gas pipelines that span thousands of miles. To move it along pipelines, Williams funnels natural gas into enormous engines called compressors. Regular maintenance check-ups must be made to these compressors, but their residence in remote locations forces Williams to rely on portable support structures like trailers and portable toilets that aren’t comfortable for employees. They wanted an alternative that made sense for their company. 


Key Challenges

Creating a Durable, Portable, and Comfortable Space

Williams wanted to create a comfortable locker room with flush toilets and a shower to improve their employees’ working conditions and hiring retention, but this came with a few challenges. While Williams didn’t have immediate plans to relocate the locker room, the business preferred to invest in a space that could be picked up and redeployed down the pipeline. Additionally, Williams wanted to avoid the use of lumber in the building’s structure to help prevent against the chance of combustion. These specificities called for a unique solution.

Containerized Locker Rooms That Boost Morale and Retention

Modified steel shipping containers provided a solution that checked all the boxes. A shower and toilet were integrated into the container along with a high-powered air-conditioning system to keep employees comfortable. The portability of shipping containers and lack of a required foundation will enable Williams to easily relocate the locker room when they deem necessary. Furthermore, Falcon utilized metal studs and walls to finish out the interior rather than traditional wood framing to avoid the use of lumber.  And finally, lockers and lockboxes were installed, providing employees with a secure space all their own.


The Solution


Key Features Include

  • Air conditioning unit
  • Full bathroom
  • Shower
  • One toilet, one urinal, one sink
  • Steel sheet walls
  • Tankless water heater
  • Custom lockers
  • Coin vinyl floors