Webinars for Modified
Shipping Containers

Our webinars will walk you through what you should consider before purchasing your next container.


Mini-Master Class: Shipping Container Basics

Presented by Stephen Shang, CEO — Falcon Structures

In this mini-master class, Stephen Shang walks you through what you must know before buying a shipping container structure. He gives insight into modular construction, budgeting, technical considerations, permitting, and more.

How to Design Your Ideal Container Workspace_Mike Combs

How to Design Your Ideal Container Workspace

Presented by Mike Combs, Director of Sales — Falcon Structures

Are you in the process of designing a shipping container workspace? Whether you’re just beginning or well into the planning stages, this 30 minute, on-demand webinar will make your process easier. Falcon Structures' Director of Sales, Mike Combs, will walk you through the important steps to take so you can create the structure that is right for your company.


Cracking the Code: Safe Use of Modified Shipping Containers

Presented by Stephen Shang, CEO — Falcon Structures

Aimed at code officials, developers, and those working on large scale container projects, this webinar provides answers to the evolving code landscape. Thanks to work led by the MBI’s Container Task Force, an end to confusing building code is in sight.


Fast Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Presented by Stephen Shang, CEO — Falcon Structures

What can containers do for your business? Decide if containers are right for you with our short webinar, Fast Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Condense hours of research on shipping container structures into just 30 minutes, as Falcon CEO, Stephen Shang guides you through common inquiries.