Shipping Container Storage Possibilities

Protect What's Important to You With Modified Shipping Containers

Safe and secure, Falcon Structures’ modified shipping containers provide an ideal environment to store items and equipment. Air conditioning systems, lighting, insulation, and other features ensure that even sensitive assets are protected. Relocate the container units as needed to optimize organization and efficiency.


Tool Storage

Tool storage containers offer effective protection for tools and materials, often including your choice of shelving, racks, cabinets, and benches. Have confidence that your tools will remain secure and organized.


Food Storage

Food storage often requires a temperature regulated space, making an air-conditioned shipping container a perfect solution when pantry space is limited. Read on to learn more about how container storage benefits restaurants, food pantries, and grocery stores.


Inventory and Supply Storage

The energy, construction, and film industries, among others, regularly move valuable equipment from job to job. A customized storage container secures equipment for both transportation and onsite storage. Whether your crew is working in the Mojave Desert or the Canadian tundra, weather resistant storage containers will protect your assets.


File and Paperwork Storage

Store important paperwork and documents in a shipping container file room. Container storage can be easily accessed and relocated, while keeping important documents secure.


Athletic Equipment Storage

Shipping container storage for athletic equipment provides a simple solution for sports equipment when space is limited. Manufacturers help create easily accessible items by modifying containers with the desired door entryways.


Lawn Equipment Storage

What better way to store lawn equipment than in a portable, durable, and secure shipping container unit? Easily modify these highly customizable container units into sheds for ranch, farm, or lawn equipment storage.

Medical Supply Storage Unit

Medical Storage

As the world continues to adapt to COVID-19 and communities work to keep people healthy, medical storage becomes highly important. Respond quickly and effectively to medical needs with the use of modified container medical storage.


Industrial Equipment Storage

Shipping container solutions offer a secure, climate-controlled, portable, flexible and reusable solution for prefabricated modular shelters and equipment enclosures. Shipping containers are completely customizable and include a wide range of options to shield industrial equipment from overheating and weather.


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