Portable Metal Storage Containers for Retailers
and Restaurants

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No retailer wants to lose a sale because they didn’t have the proper merchandise on hand - having enough inventory is important to maintaining a successful business, but it can take up valuable store space.

Falcon Structures offers our storage containers as a solution for helping you stage your goods, manage your inventory, and provide extra-elbow room. These portable storage containers free up vital space within your store or restaurant. The best part is the items you need remain on-site and on-hand, so they’re at your fingertips the need arises. Popular uses for the retail and restaurant industries include:

  • Improving inventory management
  • A place to put seasonal fixtures and promotional items
  • Stocking up for busy shopping days without cramming your store too full to maneuver or too cluttered to find anything when you need it.
  • Getting layaway items out of the way
  • Outfitting a container with racks allows easy storage for bikes and other large items.
  • Storing large and/or bulk items such as paper goods, shopping bags and other non-perishable items outside and free up limited in-store closet space
  • For mechanics, auto repair and supply shops, and tire stores: Using storage containers to store inventory as well as old tires and engine parts out of the weather where they will not rust, become damaged, or clutter up the store.
  • Keeping vital business records


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