Case Study

Switching from a Traditional Construction Solution

A Better Way to Monitor Operations

Roeslein & Associates, Inc. relied on traditionally constructed offices with built-in storage spaces to help them operate energy worksites across the country. The traditional office solutions worked well enough, but they were expensive and difficult to construct, so the team turned to a truly beneficial solution— modified shipping containers.

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Key Challenges

Replacing an Expensive Solution

The traditionally constructed offices Roeslein relied on took more time to build than the team preferred—they each needed pre-poured foundations, extensive electrical work, and more. Overall, the office space wasn’t a cost-effective or time-effective choice for the company.

Roeslein needed an office for its Oklahoma bio and renewable gas generation plant that would provide a productive workspace for one or two operators to monitor critical systems and equipment with a lot of sensors. The structure needed to be comfortable for visitors, safe for temperature sensitive equipment, and ultimately act as the operations hub that helped efficiently run the entire plant.

A Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient, & Reproducible Solution

Although the size of the container-based office is smaller than the previous traditional offices, Roeslein still believes the switch was beneficial overall. Choosing to use a modified container saved Roeslein around $200,000. This price accounts for the previous offices’ larger structural footprint, but the Roeslein team now values the smaller footprint and makes good use of the more compact space.

The new container solution really shines when it comes to ease of installation. Setting up the container office was so much simpler than previous office installations that the Roeslein team describes the experiences as “incomparable”. 

Now, the Roeslein team aims to standardize these containers per project across the country. Falcon’s container office is the solution Roeslein now trusts.


The Solution


Key Features Include

  • One 40-foot container
  • Separated storage space from workspace
  • Three windows
  • One door
  • Climate control and insulation
  • Interior and exterior lighting