Resources for Modified Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers are extremely versatile.  Browse our Guides and Webinars below to get inspired for your next shipping container project.  


Conex Shipping Container Resources

If it's your first time purchasing a shipping container structure or you're a seasoned veteran, these guides will help you better understand how containers are being used and fuel your creativity.  Download one or all of these helpful guides to get started. 

Click to download 5 Easy Steps to designing your modified container

5 EASY Steps To Designing Your Modified Shipping Container

The uses for a modified shipping container are varied and each business need has specific requirements. We’ve developed this Five Step Guide to assist in your process of selecting and designing your modified container.


What You MUST Know Before Buying A Shipping Container Structure

Shipping containers work well for many but not all applications. This comprehensive guide covers container costs, benefits, codes, technical considerations, and design limitations to consider prior to purchase.

Click to download, "6 Key Considerations for Containerized Workforce Housing."

6 Key Considerations For Containerized Workforce Housing

Learn why shipping container workforce housing is attracting so much attention from major industries, each with very specific, high-stakes housing needs.  Our customization options can address your unique priorities.

Click to download 83 Uses for Steel Shipping Containers

83 Uses For Steel Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have nearly as many names as they do applications and while you might only be concerned with one—the one that can support your business—we think there’s something to be said for a product that delights clients from Hollywood to Eagle Ford.

Download, "7 Reasons the Oil & Gas Industry Uses Modified, Steel Shipping Containers."

7 Reasons the Oil & Gas Industry Uses Modified, Steel Shipping Containers

Safe, durable, conex containers withstand extreme weather and tough environments. Learn why repurposed shipping containers provide the optimum solution for drill sites, pipeline operations, workforce housing, and more.

Click to learn more about the potential enviornmental benefits of shipping containers.

Shipping Container Options For Eco-Friendly Companies

Shipping containers now play a leading role in eco-friendly development and green renovation.  Learn about some of the environmental considerations associated with containerized business operations—including green tax credits and corporate responsibility factors.

Click to download, "10 Step Shipping Container Maintenance Guide."

10 Step Shipping Container Maintenance Guide

Modified shipping containers boast a 25-year life span when properly maintained. This handy guide provides helpful insight and maintenance tips to help ensure your container lasts for years to come.

How Containerized Water Treatment Equipment Enclosures Improve Efficiencies

How Containerized Water Treatment Equipment Enclosures Improve Efficiencies

Modular, shipping container equipment enclosures provide numerous benefits over brick and mortar and stick built structures. This guide covers the rise in demand for and benefits of containerized solutions, along with use cases in energy and power plant water treatment applications.

On-Demand Webinars

Our short, 30 minute on-demand webinars allow you to keep up on the latest shipping container information anytime, anywhere. 


What You MUST Know Before Buying A Shipping Container Structure

Storage space, work space, movable space, secure space - whatever the problem, whatever you need it for, shipping containers can be the solution. This short, 30 minute webinar will walk you through what you should consider before purchasing your next container. 

 Safe Use of Modified Shipping Containers Webinar

 Cracking the Code: Safe Use of Modified Shipping Containers

Get answers and learn how the evolving code landscape should impact your business decisions. Building code is notoriously difficult to decipher, but thanks to work led by the MBI’s Container Task Force, an end to the confusion is in sight.