Video Tours of Portable Container Building: Containerization in Action

Video Tours: Portable Container Buildings

Our Facility and Portable Container Building Floorplans

Falcon Structures manufactures its portable container buildings in-house at our facility just east of Austin, Texas. Take a video tour of our facility and two of our most popular floorplans

View video to learn why you should trust Falcon Structures to create your portable container building.

Why Falcon Structures?

Tour our facility and see how we make portable container buildings.

Learn about Falcon's container building production team.

Who's Modifying My Container?

We don't outsource our work. Our production team modifies containers all day, everyday. 


Tour of Industrial Locker Room

This locker room made a natural gas compressor station a better place to work.

View video to tour our portable living container.

Living Container Tour

Tour our portable living container, complete with a kitchenette and full bathroom.

Watch video of conex cabin walk-through

Conex Cabin Walk-Through

Take a sneak peak at what your conex cabin could look like.

View video to tour our portable container bathrooms.

Portable Restroom Building

Check out our easy to clean and portable shipping container bathroom. 

Watch a tour of an office/storage combo container.

Office/Storage Combo Container

Storage space and office space in one portable container building.

Modification Options for Container Buildings

As you're thinking about your container building, you'll probably ask yourself, "Can I do that?" Get inspired with our overviews of popular modifications.

Learn about storage modification options

Popular Storage Modifications

A quick overview of how we can modify a container for storage.

See interior wall options.

Interior Wall Options

Find out what your container building can look like with finish-outs on the walls.


Furniture for Mobile Structures

Built-in furniture saves time packing and unpacking mobile container structures.

Examples of our Container Buildings in the Real World

Semi-permanent shipping container buildings can be broken down into portable modules and rearranged as needed. Thanks to the speed and cost-efficiency of off-site construction, container-based buildings also shorten developers' time to revenue. These real world examples demonstrate how our modified containers are used as building components in larger structures.

View video to watch a container stadium get constructed at warp speed.

Time-Lapse of Stadium Construction

Watch 122 of our modified shipping containers get assembled into a building at warp speed!

View video to tour the U.S. Military's use of portable container buildings.

IED Defeat Lane

Step into a simulated village, and learn how the U.S. military uses our portable buildings.

View video to learn how first responders train in portable container buildings.

First Responder Training

See why police and fire-fighters train in our container building training structures.

How-tos and Portable Container Building Basics

Quickly get up to speed on common applications and how-tos for portable container buildings. 

View video to learn about the diverse applications of portable container buildings.

Can I Containerize it?

Familiarize yourself with popular modified shipping container applications.


View video to get quick tips on painting your portable container building.

Painting Your Shipping Container

Learn how to keep your portable container building's exterior paint shining. 

Seven Shipping Container Apartments Video

Seven Container Apartments

Conex construction is proving to be a lucrative venture for developers everywhere.


View video to learn how to open shipping container doors.

How to Open Container Doors

Step by step instructions on how to open shipping container cargo doors.

Click to watch a video about conex equipment shelters.

Conex Equipment Shelters

Prefab equipment shelters are superior alternative to stick built instrument-buildings.


View video to familiarize yourself with the different types of shipping containers.

Field Guide to Shipping Containers

What's a high cube container?  Find out in our interactive field guide.