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Why Choose our Shipping Container Structures?

Your Experienced Partner in ISO Containers

  • Get your projects on-time and on-budget.
  • Stay up to date on your container's progress.
  • Leverage our years of experience and industry knowledge.

Armed with a deep understanding of each project’s goals, challenges and deadlines, Falcon’s team delivers a shipping container solution unique to your business’ needs--on time and on budget.

Mike Combs educates a tour group about our container manufacturing facility.

Multi-unit structure being built from modified containers.

ISO container modified into an industrial equipment shelter



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Official ICC ES mark, approving use of Falcon's modified shipping containers in structures.

Code Compliant Containers Make your Permitting Process Easier

Since 2003, we’ve helped businesses in a wide range of industries discover how modified shipping container structures provide an affordable and dependable solution for mobile storage, offices, living space, and industrial equipment enclosures. As the holders of ESR 4163, Falcon Structures can manufacture modified shipping containers approved by the ICC for use as building materials.

What Does "Think Inside the Box ®," Mean to Us?

It comes down to asking ourselves what exactly a shipping container is. On one hand, it’s a just a steel box. On the other, it’s an opportunity to build something new. The remarkable strength of its frame and the security of its corrugated walls can become the basis of everything from apartment complexes to pantry space for food banks. When a customer comes to us with a problem, we “Think Inside the Box®” and remember the incredible diversity of solutions offered by ISO containers.

Professionalism Backed up by Testimonials

“I am amazed at the customer service the management team at Falcon Structures provided. Your team was collaborative, helpful, and courteous. Thank you again for all your efforts, we are very pleased with the value the containers added to Rock'N River.”

 -City of Round Rock, Texas. See more testimonials

Falcon Structures is your best choice for exceptional service, industry knowledge, and on-time delivery. We have experience working with a wide range of industries and take pride in our ability to create and deliver shipping container solutions for a broad range of needs.

Our professionalism, reliability and quality have made us a trusted, respected supplier to a large number of the most recognized brands as well as all branches of the military. Having worked with all major military branches to create complete training facilities and safe storage solutions, we take pride in serving those who honor and protect our country through the armed forces.

Why Modified Shipping Containers?

Modified shipping containers provide a safe, secure and dependable solution for storage, equipment protection, portable work space, and temporary housing. Converted ISO shipping containers provide numerous benefits for businesses thanks to their superior mobility and durability.

The 16-gauge corten steel shipping container walls make them ideal for keeping equipment safe from theft and weather. Standardized sizing, built-in forklift pockets, and corner casting built for crane rigging facilitate easy transport. Our customized modified shipping container solutions can be placed on a flat, dry surface with absolutely no need for a foundation to support the steel floors. These features reduce costs and provide peace of mind for business leaders.

Easy, Resourceful, Dependable Solutions

We understand you have unique business challenges, and we work hard to research and test the best industry solutions to meet your company’s needs.  Our team of shipping container experts work directly with you to create a customized shipping container solution that’s easy to move and easy to set up.

Unlike other storage and work space solutions, Falcon Structures’ standard product line can be delivered directly to your job-site in a matter of weeks. Our catalog offers a number of options including modified shipping containers with roll-up doors for easy storage access, insulation and climate control for mobile offices, utility openings for plug-and-play equipment enclosures, and much more. If your business has a specific need, Falcon is happy to work with you develop a cost-effective custom shipping container solution.

How to get started:

Our modified shipping container experts will be happy to discuss how we can help your business. Reach out today!