Why Choose Falcon Structures?

Falcon Yard Aerial

Trusted Partner

When you need repurposed shipping containers for secure storage, equipment protection, portable workspace, or temporary housing, Falcon Structures is the dependable choice, delivering exceptional service, industry knowledge, and on-time delivery.

Falcon Structures takes pride in serving those who honor and protect our country through the armed forces.  We have worked with all major branches on complete training facilities and safe storage solutions.



Proven Track Record

It is because of our professionalism, reliability and quality that we are a trusted, respected supplier to a large number of the most recognized brands as well as all branches of the military.



We work to provide simple shipping container solutions. These solutions are also easy to move and easy to set up. Finally, it's easy to do business with us. No hassle, on-time, on budget. 


We know you have unique business challenges, and we work hard to research and test the best industry solutions to ensure you have a product that meets those needs.   


We deliver on what we promise. Period. Our customers are kept informed throughout production and
on-time delivery is a top priority. Our customers always know what to expect.  

Contact us, call us at 877-704-0177 or come visit us today!