Case Study

Workforce Housing for Alaskan Fishing Season

Comfortable Housing for Months at a Time

Standing on a century of experience, OBI Seafoods is one of the largest seafood operations in Alaska. The long fishing season requires many workers to relocate closer to company operations. When the current onsite housing options no longer fit the bill, OBI Seafoods turned to easily repeatable and more comfortable container structures.


Key Challenges

Long Commutes, High Turnover, and Less Interest

OBI Seafoods wanted to attract top-quality fishermen, but its labor force was struggling with the long commute during fishing season. Additionally, the onsite, wood-based housing options offered by the company were becoming worn down. It was time for a change. The team at OBI Seafoods wanted to ensure employees were kept warm and comfortable after long hours on the job.

Scalable Comfort for the Valued Team

OBI Seafoods noticed that its existing container-based housing options had proven their longevity, unlike the wood-based options. The team turned to Falcon to create additional, improved shipping container living spaces that were not only long lasting but unquestionably comfortable.

The Falcon containers quickly became the coveted living arrangement onsite, but more than that, OBI Seafoods valued the modularity of the container structures. Easily repeatable living spaces provided opportunity for uniform growth. In the future, OBI Seafoods could order another batch of containers to expand and adapt the organization for its next century of business.


The Solution

OBI-Seafood-3 (1)-1
OBI-Seafood-2 (1)

Key Features Include

  • Fourteen 40-foot containers stacked two stories high
  • Exterior stairs to access the top unit
  • Two doors per shipping container
  • Windows to let in natural light
  • Air conditioning and insulation