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Portable, Efficient "Container" Homes: Why America is Moving In

Posted by Stephen Shang on Wed, Jan 29, 2014 @ 09:49 AM

shipping container homeEver since the housing bubble burst and McMansion mania started to ebb, everyone is taking a closer look at home ownership choices. From the economic considerations to the environmental ones, living large doesn’t always make practical sense. Increasingly, Americans are giving up their status symbol houses and turning to cleaner, simpler homes—including portable, efficient container homes. 

Here’s what you need to know about creating a living environment inside a shipping container:

Container Homes: They're Not Just for Companies

In the oil, gas, and mining industries, portable and efficient "container" homes are being used to house workers, store equipment, and create field offices in some of the country’s most rural locales. They’re incredibly durable and economical, which companies can appreciate. 

Now, "container" homes are gaining attention among residential consumers, too. Home buyers like the security that comes from buying a steel-framed structure. Minus the countless unknowns that come with buying a traditional home (termites, foundation cracks, leaky roofs, shoddy siding, etc.), home buying is a much simpler undertaking. Even as long-term residences, container homes are safe, comfortable, and convenient to live in.

Container Homes Are Compatible with Modern Amenities

Have you ever lived in a mobile home or a trailer? Maintaining your supply of electricity and running water can be tricky, based on your access to tanks or generators. Not so with portable, efficient "container" homes. These homes are easily modified to deliver modern home amenities, meaning occupants can have reliable access to:

  • Hot, running water
  • Electricity 
  • HVAC
  • Phone lines
  • Internet
  • Plumbing

In addition, these homes can be equipped with high-quality insulation, premium flooring, custom windows, doors, and other features that transform the average container into your personal vision of home. From the campy, cottage look, to the sleek and sophisticated urban vibe, container homes adapt to suit you.

Container Homes Are Eco-Friendly

Modified shipping containers are one of the most eco-friendly home choices around. In fact, they constitute a form of recycling. Every year, hundreds and thousands of shipping containers are emptied and then abandoned in U.S. ports. If you want to help de-clutter America’s seaside communities and reduce its ecological footprint, repurposing one of these containers is a great contribution. Learn more about shipping containers and environmental factors you might want to consider.

Container Homes Are Portable and Changeable

"Container" homes are compatible with major life changes. If you decide to move, a "container" home can move right along with you. If you need more space later on, another home can be added to the first, either side-by-side or as a second story.

Think a container home might meet your needs? Falcon Structures would love to help. To learn more, please click here or give us a call at 877.704.0177.

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