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Shipping Containers: The Best Solution for Landscaping Equipment Storage & Workshops

Posted by Falcon Structures on May 22, 2019

Spring is here! The flowers are green and growing, and that means it’s time to mow the lawns and generally tidy up the landscaping. Sheds across the country – whether adjacent to large corporate properties or a community soccer field – are being called upon to serve a number of functions, from document and equipment storage to welding and shop spaces. Yet, these structures rarely have the features needed to fully function in the ways desired by their users.

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Tags: Storage Solutions

Housing & Storage Solutions for Oil & Gas Drill Sites

Posted by Falcon Structures on May 1, 2019

As if fierce business competition weren’t enough, the oil and gas industry faces unique challenges that complicate everyday operations and erode productivity. These challenges stem from the fact that some of the country’s most promising basins are plotted in remote locations that feature extreme weather and are isolated from infrastructure.

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Tags: Living Space

Portable Storage Container vs. Storage Sheds

Posted by Falcon Structures on Aug 13, 2010

Finally, the time had come.

It's not that we'd OUTGROWN our garage + attic storage.  We actually do a pretty decent job of purging stuff we don't need anymore.  But our family had made the decision to repurpose the garage as a gameroom, and that decision means that even the stuff we DO need must find a new home.  So the time had come: we needed a storage shed.

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Repurposing shipping containers for customer service

Posted by Falcon Structures on Jun 30, 2010

Everyone knows that shipping containers get repurposed for storage use on jobsites.  And many people know that construction companies use modified containers as ground-level offices on jobsites (not quite as roomy, but much more stable and easier to deploy and move around than a "job trailer").  Yesterday I heard an interesting twist on the "construction office" use for containers:  In these tough times, offering great customer service can really make the difference in landing a big contract.  H&E Equipment wants to make sure their customer service level at Samsung Austin's expansion project is above and beyond what their competitors could provide.  One way to do this is to use a container office as on on-site SALES and SERVICE center.  They know they can provide better service than any other rental company, because they will be located ON SITE, within shouting distance from their customers, with dedicated service technicians who are ready to go should any equipment problems arise. 

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