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Choose the Best Windows for a Shipping Container Structure

Nov 20, 2019
Choose the Best Windows for a Shipping Container Structure

One of the most impactful modifications that can be made to a shipping container structure is the addition of windows. They transform a container into a livable, workable, and comfortable space by making the structure feel more open. Exposure to natural light is also known to improve health, productivity, sleep, and overall mood. Choosing which windows are right for a project depends entirely on the purpose of the structure. It’s incorrect to assume that all windows are interchangeable. Not every window is simply a square piece of glass that fits into an opening in the wall. Aside from the variety in sizes, many types of windows come with features that may not be necessary for every application. It’s important to consider which options are available before designing a shipping container structure.

Privacy Window

Shipping Container Privacy Window

For some structures, it’s beneficial to add natural light, but best to avoid adding a large window. This might be due to privacy reasons – to eliminate the opportunity to look into the container from the outside – or perhaps the interior wall space must be used to hang shelves or other items. Regardless, this is where a double pane, privacy window becomes the ideal option. At 32 inches x 14 inches, these are often inserted near the ceiling, well above eye level, to let in the perfect amount of light.

Burglar Bar Window

Shipping Container Burlar Bar Window

A shipping container is inherently secure due to its corten steel exterior, but some customers may see windows as a vulnerability. For example, for offices that hold sensitive documents or workforce housing in remote locations, windows may feel like a security risk. These structures could be located on a construction site, within large facilities, or in public places sitting as targets for theft and vandalism.  However, forgoing windows could be detrimental to employee morale. Instead of choosing between employee well-being and the security of the structure, consider including burglar bar windows in the design plans for a modified shipping container. This way, employees will feel comfortable, and the contents of the container will remain protected.

Extra Large Window

Shipping Container Extra Large Window

If the aesthetic design or the ability to easily oversee a large facility is a priority for a shipping container structure, consider opting for an extra large window or two. These 3 feet x 6 feet, double-paned windows are great for storefronts, retail offices, or other customer-facing structures. On the other end, a manufacturing facility, quarry, or construction site would also benefit from an extra large window on a stacked container with an elevated vantage point. A larger window would allow a facility manager to better oversee the work below.

Sliding Glass Door & Lighted Door


Windows that are built into doors help offer natural light to structures with limited wall space. Equipment enclosures or other unique structures may need to have a clear view from one side of the door to the other before opening it. Other times, retail offices or living spaces benefit from including as much window space as possible, so a double-wide sliding glass door is installed to create a more inviting entrance and a well-lit interior space.

Sliding Shuttered Window

Shipping Container Sliding Shuttered Window

Some window options are far from typical. These sliding shuttered windows don’t include any glass but are instead framed openings in the container walls that close with a slidable steel cover. Many military and first responder training facilities choose to use these windows because they allow them to change the space without adding to or taking away from the structure. The opening can either act as a window or disappear into the wall.

Concession Windows

Shipping Container Concession WindowWhether a shipping container is made into a poolside concession stand or a pop-up shop, a concession window becomes an important element of the structure. These roll up windows come with a stainless-steel countertop and a choice between 6-foot or 8-foot wide windows. At the end of each day, the rolling metal window can be locked shut to keep the contents inside secure, and just as easily the window can be unlocked to provide easy access to customers.

Standard Window with Blinds

Shipping Container Standard Window with BlindsAnd of course, a standard 3 feet x 3 feet, double pane window is available for installation in a shipping container. These windows come with blinds and make great modifications to any shipping container office, living space, or custom structure.

Designing your shipping container structure is made easier with help from a Falcon Structures expert. We’ll gladly talk you through tried and true modification options and we’ll work to make sure you’re getting the right shipping container structure for your organization. Reach us at 877-704-0177 or sales@falconstructures.com.

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