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Steel Building Manufacturers Modifying Containers in Texas

Nov 29, 2018
Steel Building Manufacturers Modifying Containers in Texas

As container building manufacturers, we complete all the modifications to our containers in our manufacturing facility. Instead of hiring contractors to come to a construction job site, we do the work in our Texas-based factory, and then ship the modules to be assembled on site. Unlike many other container structure businesses, we do the modifications ourselves. Why?

  • We know our stuff. Our team works with containers all day, every day. We’re fluent in best practices.
  • We save time. Instead of waiting for the general contractor to find available subcontractors, we have all of the tradespeople on staff. We can start the job ASAP.
  • A consistent product. Factory-based manufacturing involves repeatable processes with better quality control, enabling manufacturers to produce modified containers at a quicker pace.

Who modifies Falcon’s containers?

Falcon’s production team modifies all containers, in house, in our manufacturing facility. A team of certified welders, electricians, carpenters, and painters modify the boxes. All employees are trained in the step by step processes that form your container. Designated production domes separate the phases of production. All of their work follows a careful quality control system, with regular QC check points. Thanks to our production team’s hard work, our award-winning shipping containers are a reality.

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