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Portable Storage Container Makes Permanent Bridge

Apr 17, 2013

We have seen some great examples of living solutions using a repurposed shipping container and have shared some of those examples in prior posts.  The conex box has moved into an interesting industry – bridge construction!

This structurally innovative project is being used to connect two sides of Ariel Sharon Park in Israel spanning a 160 meter water mass and ravine.  The Ariel Sharon Park is a revitalization effort of a previous landfill and upon completion will be the largest urban park to be built anywhere in the world.

The centerpiece of the park is this bridge structure composed of repurposed shipping containers coined the ECOntainer Bridge.  By repurposing these discarded conex boxes, the structure designed by Yoav Messer Architects provides a walking path, light automobile traffic and observation platforms for visitor viewing.  The repurposed shipping containers may have been used as portable storage containers in a prior life and are now being used to transform a previously inaccessible land connection into a recycled structured pathway.

We continue to discover the endless uses for the repurposed shipping container.  The inherent structure of these 20 and 40-foot conex boxes allow for connection and incredible stability. With the use of corrugated steel, the strength of the bridge is built into the design of each steel storage container.  They are connected easily and provide a double-wide bridge structure by being joined side by side.


For a view into the amazing plans for this structure, check out the video below.


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