Custom Conex Buildings

Multi-unit, custom conex buildings are easy to stack and combine, resulting in long-standing, durable, and relocatable structures. These multi-container buildings range from two containers to hundreds of combined containers, and they include both permanent and relocatable structures, making conex buildings a versatile building option.


Relocatable Multi-Container Buildings

Multi-container structures make ideal relocatable temporary buildings thanks to the ease of transportation and placement. Not only are container-based structures easy to install initially, but they are also easy to disassemble and relocate to new locations, accommodating business changes.


Grocery Store Grocery Pick Up


Grocery stores that develop a container curbside pickup solution can easily place and combine the units in the parking lot of the store. The container structure acts as a grocery store storage room, to improve curbside pickup efficiency, creating a designated space away from the store to accommodate an influx of cars.


Permanent Modular Multi-Container Buildings

Despite the portability of containers, many companies choose to create permanent shipping container buildings. Permanent container buildings are easy to place and install, and they capitalize on the inherent durability of containers, lasting organizations several decades. Learn more about the efficiencies of offsite construction if you plan to develop a permanent modular construction project.


Multi-Family Housing


Permanent container applications that continue to grow in popularity are multi-unit container housing. Utilizing shipping containers to develop multi-unit homes utilizes the building-block like units to combine and stack containers after they arrive from the manufacturing facility, already modified.


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