Shipping Container Equipment Enclosure Possibilities

Container equipment enclosures and prefab equipment shelters help various organizations keep equipment secure and in the desired condition – with climate control and protection from weather. Modified shipping containers can be placed easily in nearly any location to support businesses in protecting and storing valuable industrial equipment.

Generator equipment inside of container

Shipping Container Industrial Equipment Shelters

Modified container-based equipment shelters enclose equipment in a corten steel shell with insulation and other modifications that help protect the valued equipment. When designing your container enclosure, be sure to request modifications that will accommodate the specific equipment and its location. Falcon is ready to help your team create the solution that works for your business with design expertise and options for industrial-grade climate control systems, conduit ports, water-tight seals, industrial flooring, and more.


Enclosures and Control Rooms for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring


Shipping containers offer the oil and gas industry a superior solution for modular control rooms and sheltering remote terminal units (RTUs). Modified shipping container RTU enclosures often cost much less than skid-mounted buildings, deploy in weeks instead of months, and lower maintenance expenses—all while offering superior protection.


Looking for a Custom Industrial Container?

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