Customize Your Solution

Mobilize high-value equipment in a cost-effective, protective and mobile shelter. Customizable industrial enclosures are manufactured to your unique specifications. Common modifications include utility ports, HVAC units, spray foam insulation, electrical and more. Once your containerized enclosure is on site, simply connect to utilities and go.

10-foot Industrial Enclosures

10-foot equipment enclosures and shelters are perfect for RTU equipment in remote locations and BTS huts at cell towers. Install and test equipment in your facility before deploying assets to the field.

Suggested Features
Personnel doors make access easy for technicians –even in snow or rain. Containerized 10-foot enclosures can be built to NEMA standards for weather resistance.

20-foot Industrial Enclosures

20-foot equipment enclosures make quickly deployable control rooms and server stations for industrial businesses. Containerized enclosures and shelters can be bolted to cement foundations or placed directly on bare earth and then relocated to the next job site.

Suggested Features
Install heavy-duty temperature control systems to keep up with heat-emitting equipment and utility ports specially designed for easy input setup.

40-foot Industrial Enclosures

Modified 40-foot shipping containers are ideal for mobile switch rooms, UPS and generator systems, water treatment plants and labs.

Suggested Features
Select built-in unistrut to create abundant space for mounting racking systems. Steel or aluminum flooring and walls seal out water and pests. Sound-attenuating perforated steel is also available.

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